Stage Racer 2 – Decentralised Network Topology

The STAGE RACER 2 brings optical fiber transmission to a whole new level.
Thanks to it decentralised networking capabilities, more ground can be covered on very long distances and all signals can be managed from anywhere on the network.
For remote production applications, it’s a perfect bridge between baseband and IP world with ST-2110 future compliance.
Stage Racer 2 is designed to accept all kinds of signals without external adapter allowing fast routing / distribution to all other units of the network.
If you’re looking for glue features, Stage Racer 2 also offers processing capabilities with Audio Embedding/Deembedding, Audio SRC, Frame buffering and much more…
All this is in a single 1RU Frame !

Stage Racer – Peer-to-Peer solution

The STAGE RACER is an ultra-flexible optical fiber transport system for outside and indoor broadcast events, it’s also a product of choice for congress and infrastructure cabling.
With the ERECA unique feature for on the fly direction configurable HDSDI channels and the numerous signal transmitted along the videos (IP, Audio (Analog/AES/Madi), Serial), the Stage Racer is the product of choice for an affordable fast and easy event management.

CAM Racer 8K

The CAM Racer is a complete camera fibre optic transmission solution for OB Van, Studio and Cinema applications. It comprises a camera dockable transceiver and a 1RU base station unit. The CAM Racer is designed to transport all needed signals in the same device on 2 singlemode fibers of a standard SMPTE cable.
With up to 4x12G-SDI channels, the CAM Racer will fit any camera from ENG to 8K Cinema devices.

X Racer

The X-RACER range composes of a range of useful handheld transmission units designed for the broadcast environment. Each module integrates its own main power supply and is available with optional standard SMPTE connector.

Depending of the model, numerous options are available such as multiple SDI outputs per module, low voltage redundant power supply input on XLR4 or SMPTE cable Neutrik / LEMO connector instead of the SC type.

Topas 4K

The TOPAS 4K UE150 and the TOPAS HE120 are optical fiber transmission units intended respectively for the PANASONIC AW-UE150 and AW–HE120 cameras.
The custom design of the TOPAS directly fits under the camera base. The equipment transmits all the necessary signals for the camera (12G SDI, Genlock, RS, Audio, Lanc, IP, GPIO). The camera and transmission modules can be remote powerred via SMPTE.

Net Racer

The NET RACER platform concentrates the transmission solutions of ERECA products for Broadcast applications. The NET RACER is a 3U rack with 16 slots for transmission ranging from single HD, Giga Ethernet transmission boards to high data rate multi-signals multiplexing and routing to create network solution.
Integrated high power supplies extend application usage, allowing unique feature like remote powering of devices through Hybrid SMPTE cable.

Audio Racer

The AUDIO RACER is the compact and efficiency solution for the transmission of all commodities signals (IP, Audio, Serial) between an OB truck to a stage. A bidirectional HDSDI signal for the photo director is also transmitted.

Strong Racer (legacy)

The STORA is a very rugged optical fiber transmission intended to connect 2 outdoor cameras to the OB VAN. The equipment also transmit all the complementary signals for talkback and camera remote (IP, Audio, Serial). For an even easier installation, the outside equipment can be remote powered thru SMTE cable.