24 or 12 SDI, 12G Support, Genlock, IP, Audio, AoIP, Serial Data, GPIO, routing, distribution, processing unit, star/ring/linear network topology and much more…


The STAGE RACER 2 is a complete optical fiber transmission solution for every broadcast event, ranging from simple OB interconnect to complex star, ring or linear topology spread over a whole TV compound.

It also supports long distance transmission for remote production capacity allowing content exchange between distant locations while using dark fiber or SMPTE IP protocols.

Stage Racer 2 is designed to accept all kinds of signal on a same device without external adapter. Internally those signals can be associated together / routed / distributed to all other machines of the network.

Stage Racer 2 also offers processing capabilities with Audio Embedding/De-embedding, Audio shuffling, Audio SRC, Frame buffering, Delays… Numerous other processing functions will be added later on.

The network can be controlled by a built-in intuitive web interface or with automation systems like Cerebrum, KSC Core, VSM…


The Stage Racer 2 is available in two standard configurations: 24 or 12 SDI channels, direction configurable, plus a common set of signals. Each equipment assumes transmission of a comprehensive set of signals as follows:

Stage Racer 2 – 24 SDI version

Stage Racer 2 – 12 SDI version

16 SD to 3G direction switchable channels

8 SD to 3G direction switchable channels

8 SD to 12G direction switchable channels

4 SD to 12G direction switchable channels

1 Distributed Genlock (Composite video / Black burst / Tri-level)

16 Analog Audio I/O (optional 8ch mic gain/48V module)

2 Ethernet 10/100/1000Mbs (optional 64ch Dante/AES-67 AoIP module)

2 Data RS 232/422/485 (optional 6 additional 500Kbps RS422 serial channels)

8 Contact closures

4 AES3 bidirectional (Intercom panel compatible)

1 MADI I/O (AES10) signal (Shared with 2 of the 4 AES connectors)

Processing features

The STAGE RACER 2 is a complete optical fibre transmission solution for every broadcast event, ranging from simple OB interconnect to complex star, ring or linear topology spread over a whole TV compound.

  • Framebuffer & Delays:  16 framebuffers / framesynchronizers available per unit on all 3G ports.
  • Embedding/De-embedding: Audio can be inserted or extracted from any SDI port of the system or shuffled between one port to another.
  • Audio Processing: SRC on almost audio I/O allowing to route any audio source to any kind of audio output (Analog, MADI, Dante/AES-67, SDI Audio, AES* soon)
  • 3rd party control: Ember+ support for remote control via third party equipment like Cerebrum, KSC Core, VSM…
  • More to come: From its launch, Stage Racer 2 improves with regular firmware upgrades providing new processing features and improved ergonomics. Stay tuned.


Trunk: 4 optical fiber trunks per unit providing a total of 160GBps of data traffic In and Out
10Km of single mode fiber / Link power budget 10dB / LC/PC connector (Optionally 40Km range)
ST-2110: 4 Standard 10Gbe Ethernet port / 10Km single mode fiber / MPO connector for the 4 channels


SDI Video

Number, connector 12 or 24 Channels (Each channel is direction configurable), 75Ω BNC
Standard (Upper row) SD, ASI, HD, 3G / BNC Connector
Standard (Mid row) SD, ASI, HD, 3G / HD-BNC Mini Connector
Standard (Lower row) SD, HD, 3G, 6G, 12G / BNC Connector
Return loss: Better than -15 dB for 0 to 1,5 GHz / -10 dB for 1,5 to 3 GHz / -6 dB for 6 to 12 GHz


Composite Video / GL

Number, connector: 1 port, direction configurable / 75Ω BNC connector
Standard: PAL, NTSC Composite / Black Burst / Tri-level (Auto sense) Genlock clock may not support all formats
Bandwidth: > 5.8 MHz at +/- 0.2dB
Differential Gain/ Phase: < 1%, < 1°
Group delay: < 10 ns
SNR: > 67 dB (CCIR567)


Analog Audio

Number, connector: 16 input, 16 outputs channels, D-SUB 37 female socket.
Impedance: Input: 10 KΩ differential (non floating), Output: 20 Ω differential (non floating)
Amplitude: +4 dBm nominal (saturation at +18 dBm)
Bandwidth: 50 Hz to 15 KHz at +/- 0.5dB, (20Hz to 20 Khz at -3dB)
Distortion: 0.05% at 1Khz +18 dBm
Signal to noise ratio: 90dB, “A” weighted
Mic preamp option: Gain from 10 to 60dB (3dB steps) / Phantom power / Preamp Bypass (8 preamp fitted on channels 9 to 16)


Digital audio

AES ports: 4 bidirectional ports (Intercom panel compatible) / 75 Ω BNC connector / Shared with Madi port BNC
MADI port: 1 input, 1 output / 48 Khz support (SRC) / 75 Ω BNC connector
AoIP interface: Dante and AES67 support / 64 channels / 48 Khz support (SRC) / Routed to the gigabit ports



Number, connector: 2 bidirectional channels, 1 RJ45 socket per channel
Protocols: RS485, RS422, RS232
Data rate: 0 to 500 Kbd/s (Sony compatible)
RS422 option: 6 bidirectional RS422 / 0 to 500 Kbd/s (Sony compatible) / D-SUB 25 female socket on front side



Number, connector: 2 independent channels, RJ45 Socket
Protocols: 10, 100 or 1000 Mb/s, Full or Half-duplex (Auto), MDI or MDI-X (Auto)



Number, connector: 8 bidirectional GPIO contacts / 6 on D-SUB 15 female plus 1 GPIO along each RJ45 Serial connector
Output: Relay (dry contact). ‘Common’ – ‘Normally Open’ terminals for each relay
Input: Floating on the D-SUB, Input pin grounding on RJ45



Consumption: 80 Watts per unit maximum (All trunks and all signals used + IP module active)
Mains source: Dual redundant built in PSU / Voltage range 90 to 260 VAC / 47 to 63 Hz
Low voltage option: 10 to 16 VDC / D-SUB 25 with power inserts (fitted on front side) / protected by internal fast acting fuse



Size: 1 RU 19” rack, depth 335mm excluding connectors
Weight: 4.5 Kilograms
Cooling: Internal fan tray with transversal cooling flow / side panels in/out / Passive heatsinks on actives
Operating Temp range: From -20 to + 60°C (avoiding direct sun exposition)


Signalling / Admin

Local display: OLED display for main parameters (IP add / Optical power) / 1 LED per signal / Technical alarms LED
Setup: Web interface / Automation protocols (Cerebrum, KSC Core, VSM…)
Connection: 1 dedicated 10/100Mbs ethernet port

Firmware download

The Stage Racer 2 firmware upgrade files use the extension .aup.

The upgrade files can be loaded on the Stage Racer II through the Configuration tab in the web interface.

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