Standalone transmissions over optical fiber


The X-RACER series composes of a range of useful handheld transmission units designed for the broadcast environment. Each module integrates its own mains power supply and is available with optional standard SMPTE connector.

Standard models are:

  • Bidirectionnal 3G / HD / SD + 100 Mb/s Ethernet over 2 optical fibers with SC/APC connectors.
  • Bidirectionnal 3G / HD / SD over 1 fiber with SC/APC connector.
  • Bidirectionnal MADI media converter over 2 optical fibers with SC/PC connector.

Each module is fitted with signal presence LED and alarms LED to ease on field troubleshooting.
The aluminium case offers a thermal operating range of -20°C to +60°C.

Each 3G / HD / SD optical receiver performs reclocking on the received signal, each transmitter has a built in cable equalizer.
Ethernet transmission is fitted around a built in Ethernet switch allowing different network settings at each end of the transmission and performs automatic crossover for straight or crossed cables.

The size of the cabinet 42*86*150mm offer the possibility to install it horizontally on a 1RU tray or vertically on a 2RU tray.



Depending model, numerous options are available such as multiple SDI outputs per module, low voltage redundant power supply input on XLR4 or SMPTE cable Neutrik / LEMO connector instead of the SC type.


Dynamic range: 15dB as a standard, ask for availability of powerfull laser sources.
Connector: SC/APC in standard (MADI is standard in SC/PC), LC/PC, LEMO / Neutrik.


Video SD/HD

Connector: 3G certified BNC
Standard: SDI, ASI, HD, 3G (built in reclocker)
Impedance: 75 Ω
Amplitude: Input: cable equalization (80 m Belden 1694A for 3G), Output: 800 mV pp
Return loss: Better than – 15 dB for 0 to 1500 MHz and better than – 10 dB for 1500 to 3000 MHz



Number, connector: RJ45 Socket
Protocols: 10 or 100 Mb/s, Full or Half-duplex (Auto), MDI or MDI-X (Auto)



Transmitted signals: 1 LED per signal
Alarms 1 LED per technical alarm (Power supply / Fiber alarm / Link loss ).



Consumption: 3.8 Watts maximum for the dual SDI bidi module
Low voltage source: 8 to 20 VDC, XLR 4 pins connector, protected by internal resettable fuse
Mains source base: From 90 to 260 VAC / 47 to 63 Hz, IEC 3 pins standard connector, internal PCB fuse



Material: Body: extruded aluminium blue anodized, Fascia: Stainless steel
Size: 42*86*150mm excluding connector
Tray support Lateral guides to clamp or slide M3 screw head / square nut
Operating temperature From -20 to + 60°C. (Avoiding direct sun exposition)