We invite you to visit us during the NAB 2022!

For this special “year back” edition of the NAB, Ereca is proud to announce new powerful features added to the stage racer 2.

  • Distributed multiviewers. Each SR2 frame offers a powerful Multiviewer allowing to monitor up to 16 SDI inputs or outputs of the network. Each thumbnail feature Audio level monitoring, Tally, SDI format display. Each Multiviewer output is routable and can be distributed over the whole SR2 network.
  • This feature comes without license neither performance reduction. Firmware upgrade is available to all SR2 sold previously.
  • For contribution and remote production applications, the SR2 network can be expanded worldwide through Telco services. SR2 proprietary signal is internally formatted to enter a standard Telco operator interface and to be delivered synchronously with minimal delay thousands kilometers away. SDI signals are transmitted bit accurately or with TICO compression for 12G channels.
  • Additionally, numerous existing features evolves in the SR2, especially colorbar & label insertion, 16 ch embedder / de-embedder, signal per signal dual path routing with instant failover.

As an introduction for non users, the Stageracer2 is a complete optical fiber transmission solution for every broadcast event, ranging from simple OB interconnect to complex star, ring or linear topology spread over a whole TV compound.

Stage Racer 2 is designed to accept all kinds of signal on a same device without external adapter. Internally those signals can be associated together / routed / distributed to all other machines of the network.

Stage Racer 2 also offers processing capabilities with Multiviewer, Audio Embedding/De-embedding, Audio shuffling, Audio SRC, Frame buffering, Delays and Tico compression.

The network can be controlled by a built-in intuitive web interface or with 3rd party like Cerebrum, KSC Core, VSM…

Additionally a low power consumption make SR2 a unit of choice for CSR demanding applications.

Ereca Stage Racer front & back superposed

Stage Racer 2 web GUI: the network view and the grid view with signal crosspoints

Ereca would be pleased to show you all those features at NAB 2022!

Please contact us at broadcast.sales@ereca.fr to request a meeting.