Ereca at the World Athletics Championships

Boris Salhhaji tells us about his setup at the World Athletics Championships:

In a nutshell this is a cloudy morning on Hayward field for this 7th day of competition. But without a doubt the light will rise and shine as it is sparkling into fiber optic cables. To bring signals form the TOC to the control room single mode fibers optics are used. All around the stadium there are looms of tactical fibers linked to Ethernet media converters, Ethernet switches and coper/optical transceivers and many other devices as well.

For these specific event we chose to deploy French devices (the Ereca stage racer II) to ensure the transmissions. Those very reliable devices are connected in a mesh these way video and audio feeds, genlock signal and data can be shared through the optical fiber network. Each stage racer II offers 4 single mode duplex fiber connexions so that the mesh is secured.

With 24 SDI dual way connections, the SRII embeds a routing function to virtually patch inputs connected to one unit to the outputs of another unit in the mesh.

An other great functionality is the integrated multiviewer. With this MV It is very handy to monitor feeds passing through the Ereca. Again a matrix allows routing operations into the PIP.

Our Ereca have a Dante licence so SRII are recognized as a Dante device and once again audio channels can be routed through matrix both in Dante and analog.

Of course SRII are 12G sdi capable. So dual channels are limited to 8 I/O in UHD mode.

Finally a dashboard display the topology and some monitoring infos at a glance. It is very useful when workflows gets complex. each unit can be configured via a web interface so technical supervisors have access to a centralized remote control.

We also use telecast shed to connect a camera hdc 1500 type to the CCU in the control room.

At modul’air we weave the web to run the light on air and beyond