Broadcast Rental uses ERECA Stage Racer 2 at the heart of Formula-1

Broadcast Rental uses ERECA Stage Racer 2 at the heart of the Formula-1 setup and is primarily involved in broadcasting Formula 1 races around the world.

Engineer Bastiaan Woering and his colleagues travels the world building complete setups at each circuit. “Since 2020 the ERECA Stage Racer 2 is at the heart of our operation. Four Stage Racer 2 units are used on different locations, giving us lots of flexibility and more bandwith over less fiber” tells Woering.

“Every Stage Racer 2 can be connected to every other Stage Racer 2 in order to use the most efficient cable route between our locations and daisy chain our whole setup, which is a pretty pleasant workaround!”

The Stage Racer 2 units are used to transport the F1 Worldfeed to their commentary positions, to transport the video of the RF cameras to their encoders and to embed the commentary onto the UNI feed. Also, the intercom system is running over the AES ports.

“In the future, we plan to use even more of the power of the Stage Racer 2”, reveals Woering. “As an example, I can mention the MultiViewer update. After performing this update, we can leave our old MultiViewer at home and save a lot of weight. This is important when your setup travels around the world!”.