Synoptic and ERECA at Roland Garros

Rolland Garros 2020

The Roland Garros 2020 edition is ending with record TV audiences.

This edition was also one of the broadcast production innovation: the massive use of decentralised Stage Racer 2 grids from the French manufacturer ERECA.

Very high density 1U modules (24 videos, 352 audio) were deployed at strategic locations.
Lossless system, no compression, no measurable latency.

UHD, up to 8K compatible, signal synchronisation, full audio processing.

2*1000Mb/s tunnels, Dante, Madi, Tally and serial (remote RCP) support.

4 ports carrying up to 320 Gb/s and 40Km optical connectivity for each module.

Free fibre topology (ring, star, hybrid), automatic signal routing,

Intuitive unified interface.

Many thanks to HBS Euromedia and France TV for their confidence