ERC 4000

Transmission of 4 video + data + C.C over optical fiber


ERC 4000 is bidirectional transmission equipment. It transmits 4 video, data and closure contact on one optical fiber.

Transmitter and receiver are presented as pluggable modules. ERC 4000 can be plugged either in a stand alone box ERC 17 SA or in the 19″ 3U chassis ERC 17-001. Those modules can be removed or insert of their housing under power without any perturbation.

Equipments housed in a chassis can be supervised by the ERC 17 GUARD (HTTP or SNMP) module.

One ERC 17-001 chassis is able to receive up to 13 ERC 4000 modules.

The excellent quality of the video transmission (S/N = 67 dB) is performed by the expertise of processes including digital coding, digital filtering and 10 bits video technology. At the first service, with the help of the AGC circuitry, no setting is required.

As an option the output signal of the receiver is distributed on 2 SMB connectors with the same quality, to double video accesses.

Modules are adapted to the RS 232, RS 422 and RS 485 (4 or 2 wires) standards by internal setting. The back plane of the chassis is designed to collect and centralize data through one access board only.

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