ERECA Company

ERECA is a French manufacturer of products and systems for signal transmission over optical fiber. From 1989, we develop solutions based on digital transmission of video, audio and data for CCTV and CATV.

Always for innovative, our force is 30 years of experience in transmission systems, we integrated optical multiplexing technique (DWDM, CWDM) in 1998, more recently we gave solutions for the transmission of signals for 3D HD camera (SDI HD, IP, GPI, AUDIO…) and continue the extension of our system range for Emergency Telephone network over optical fiber and GSM.

ERECA offers more reliable and efficient products by using cross links of technique improvement required and developed for the different branches of activity.

The mastering of the manufacturing, for product quality has always been one of the main focuses of the company. The production tools comprise high precision machine for Automaton machinery for components disposal, no stressful welding vapor phase oven and optical inspection platform of the electronic boards.

ERECA offers also her expertise and support to find the better solution to customer requirements, from design phase to installation.

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They trust us


Panasonic selects ERECA as a optical transmission supplier for their remote cameras HE60 & HE120.

Euro Media France

Best in class Ereca solution adopter, Euro Media France use daily many stage racer, stora’s and topas system for their HD and 4K shootings.


Globecast use Net racer platform for all its infrastructure transmission. Their reportage department also selects stage racer for their brand new OB vans.

United Broadcast

United broadcast is equiped with ERECA Topas system along with Panasonic HE120 remote camera for their field shooting.

France Televisions

Invest in 8 full option stage racer systems for their mainline OB vans.

AMP Visual TV

Rely on Stora multi signal rugged transmitter for outside shootings while using audio racer for talkback and commodities signal transmission from scene to OB van.

GL Events

Is now using their own stage racers for their events.


Thanks to their dynamism Crosspoint have already done significant sales in Belgium.

French Highways

The Emergency Roadside Telephone systems of ERECA Company are installed and operated, over more than 1300 kilometers, on major French highways companies such as, VINCI-ESCOTA, APRR AREA part of EIFFAGE Group, SANEF Aquitaine, as on National Highway Company.


ERECA provides the transmission and management system for the Emergency Telephone on Malaysian Highway. ERECA solutions are installed on more the 500 kilometers with EROS systems for optical transmission networks and GET system for the GSM Emergency Telephone. At the control centers, ERECA software offer the management solutions.


With Indians partners, ERECA Company provides the Emergency Telephone transmission system, over optical fibers, for more than 16 projects in India with the EROS system.
Covering more than 1000 kilometers of highways, all the networks are managed by ERECA software solutions.


ERECA Company provides the full system, from the call boxes to the management system for the North Luzon Expressway. The communications between emergency telephone and operators are done through ERECA optical solutions, with the EROS system. One of the main feature of the system is the management of big optical network, so 90 kilometers of highway are managed directly from the main operating control center.


The full system for the emergency telephone of the A24 NORTSCUT is done by ERECA EROS system. More than 170 kilometers of highway with tunnels are managed the ERECA call boxes, optical transmission system and ERECA software. The project starts in 2003.